About Me and all the stuff I've done

Some Nice Things People Have Said About Me

Jenn brings so many tools to the game – she’s a talented designer, has a razor sharp mind, and is one of the most caring people I have had the pleasure to meet.”
— Sean Biehle, Content Strategist, Creative Department
“From a simple logo to full website designs, she knows how to turn heads and keep attention by remembering the user experience is just as important as the design itself.”
— Nicole Eggleston, Black Belt, Fidelity Investments
“Jennifer is extremely creative and collaborative while remaining grounded and pragmatic. Always bringing great insights to the table, she consistently elevates projects beyond client expectations.”
— Carla Franke, Creative Digital Marketing Pro
“Smart, creative and a keen sense for detail. Jennifer is a strong leader and develops quality solutions that meet the clients business objectives… I would recommend Jennifer Schwab to be part of or lead any creative team.”
— Craig Elliott, Photo Art Director, Kohls